Our Mission

Ballast IP Capital helps innovative companies create value and acquire the funds required to prosper in a competitive environment through a concentrated focus on intellectual property asset development and strategy. 

BIPC is based on the founders’ experience that IP is the primary asset of a young technology company. The cost of developing an IP asset, however, can be a roadblock to growth. Without appropriate funding, many emerging companies obtain ineffective IP protection or forego it altogether. Both approaches can be devastating to long-term value or even viability. 

BIPC provides IP services with the goal of increasing valuations, paving a path to market entry, and optimizing the likelihood of a future acquisition. BIPC creates strategies to leverage IP to raise capital.

The Increased Importance of IP for Start-Ups

Traditionally, for many Start-Up investors, IP was viewed as of secondary importance.  Investors instead focused on traction, income, and strength of the team.  But, BIPC believes that this is about to change.  The JOBs act lifted the ban on general solicitation, and opened the door to increased transparency in the Start-Up market.  Now potential investors can easily survey a sector to discover and evaluate other potential competitors.   BIPC believes that a strong IP portfolio can be leveraged to create sector dominance, and that this will soon become a differentiating factor for educated investors.